Code of Conduct

EU Focus Group is a consultancy company operating in the whole EMEA. In all regions, its objective is to secure the perfect solution to either secure market access or shape new legislation. EU Focus operates in an integrated model offering its clients advocacy-legal and communication supports. The 3 dimensions of the consultancy work reinforces the successes of success and minimizes the risks. All EU Focus partners and team operate under the same operational & ethical rules.

All potential projects are revised by the EU Focus Group Board and are scrutinized against the rules of good business management. EU Focus Group & Partners will never engage in activities on behalf of clients which would foster or facilitate racism, hate, discrimination, corruption, money laundering, illegal trade & counterfeiting & doubtful commercial practices.

All EU Focus Group Partners & team are experienced consultants with strong reputations in their own region or field of experience. Most are either lawyers or political scientists by education and have operated in governments or in business before joining EU Focus. Quality is therefore of upmost importance to the EU Focus Group

All EU Focus Group clients shall not be on any black list in whatever form. EU Focus Group will be particularly attentive to potential clients who would violate basic & fundamental rights.

EU Focus Group will not discriminate against specific sectors as long as the objectives of the mission would be respectful of the EU and national legislations.

EU Focus Group is registered in the European Commission Transparency Register. In this sense, in each meeting, whether at the European Commission, Parliament or in the Member States, EU Focus Group & its Partners will always indicate in a transparent manner how they operate and what are the objectives pursued to allow any decision-maker to decline, if required an encounter, even if informal.

EU Focus Group will engage with its clients through mutual respect with total transparency as regards the terms of the financial conditions of the contractual relations. EU Focus Group may, depending on the circumstances, engage itself in a project based on success and will define precisely the terms, through common agreement with the client.

EU Focus Group & its Partners will always secure and guarantee the confidentiality of the information shared by its clients.