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Market Leader in Active Substances defense.
Holistic strategies on the use of crop protection solutions.

  • Analysis of the strengths & weaknesses of an active substance scientific dossier.
  • Developing advocacy materials & socio-economic analyses.
  • Advocacy at Scopaff & political level across Member States.
  • With Fieldfisher, integrating legal strategies with advocacy.
  • Shaping policy principles to match the societal expectations with the need of crop protection products.


Advocacy Support to secure Active substances approvals.

  • Review of active substances dossiers.
  • Advocacy at EU & Member States levels.
  • Structure position papers to support art.5 derogations.
  • Drafting of policy papers & regulatory analyses.
  • Integration of the scientific support through EU Focus Group partners.


Management of CLH process, REACH consortium and Restriction & Authorisation.

  • Development of strategies in view of the ECHA/RAC process.
  • Advocacy with officials in Member States Secure scientific contributions from independent experts.
  • Analysis of Member States comments: Scientific Advocacy ahead of RAC meetings.
  • Fieldfisher Legal Strategies to address REACH procedures.
  • Socio-Economic Analyses.


We help to secure approvals of Food & Feed additives.

  • Advocacy support in the Member States on approvals at regulatory & political levels.
  • Review & Analysis of EFSA concerns: tailor-made advocacy papers.


Integrate the benefits of Human & Animal Medicines with the society.

  • Develop communication strategies to address the societal concerns: use of antibiotics.
  • Advise on securing pharmaceuticals to all.
  • Provide support on the use of pharmaceuticals & the protection of the environment: water legislation.


We Steer the Fertilisers Policy towards sustainability.

  • Management of Secretariat of Safer Phosphates: promote low heavy metals phosphates.
  • Support Green labels & Farm to Fork objectives.
  • Anti-Dumping & Customs Duties strategies.
  • Develop Integrated approach of the food production value chain: crop protection, seeds & fertilisers.


We help clients reaching compromises on energy policy at EU level.

  • High-level strategic advice through EU Focus Group & Fieldfisher integrated teams.
  • EU Focus Group integrates former Energy Ministers, CEOs of energy companies & high level ministerial officials.
  • Contribution to the Renewable Energy Directive.
  • Support in Implemeting EU Regulations.
  • Development of political messages on Hydrogen.


Defend clients’ track-record on Cybersecurity & data management.

  • Develop strong advocacy on data security & state-owned companies.
  • Advocacy campaigns on Artificial Intelligence: risks & opportunities at Brussels & Member States levels.
  • Address Media & develop communication strategies.

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