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“With an increasingly connected world, where cultures, languages, traditions, and business models are entangled in a complex network of unspoken words and acts, companies and entrepreneurs need to (re)think global and (re)act local.”

In 2021 started to work as an Adjunct Professor at LUISS Business School (owned by Confindustria), and since July 2020, within LUISS BS Open Consulting division, leads the team for internationalization and project finance processes. In academic terms, has provided support to different courses such as the prestigious LUISS BS “Family Business” course and, helped by his strong engineering background, has become a researcher in the fields of energy and international business, publishing 2 research and concluding a study on Italy’s decarbonization process for Terna (awaiting publication). Extensive work on international network development led his teams to start B2B relationships with top world players in project development services for energy, infrastructure, oil & gas, and mining sectors. Emiliano will support the chemicals/REACH, pesticides, biocides and, sustainability (incl. food) & energy teams.

Emiliano graduated in Engineering from La Sapienza University, Roma and holds an MBA from Liverpool and a PHD from Temple University, Philadelphia. Italian and Portuguese as mother tongues and fluent in English & Spanish.

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