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“We are up against difficult times. We must adapt and make them an asset.”

With more than 20 years of business experience, Miguel Marín is an economist, founder and CEO of ANÁLISIS ECONÓMICO INTEGRAL (AEI), a Madrid-based consultancy company specializing in advanced institutional, public affairs and advocacy strategies. At AEI, Miguel helps clients in both the public and the private sectors to sharpen their competitive edge. He is also lecturer in Economic Theory at the CEU-San Pablo University in Madrid.

Before founding AEI, he was advisor in the Economic department of the Spanish Prime Minister’s cabinet (2001-2004) and chief advisor to the Popular Parliamentary Group in the Spanish Congress (2005-2008); founder and senior consultant at ENEAS Sector Público (2008-2012), which is a consultancy firm offering economic and advisory support to public administrations in Spain; and responsible for the Economy and Public Policy area at the FAES Foundation, a leading Spanish think tank presided by former Spanish Prime Minister José María Aznar (2012-2016).

At European level, he has been chief of cabinet to the Secretary-General of the European People’s Party and advisor to the European Parliament’s Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (1999-2001). He has published a wide number of articles and papers for both national and international media and think tanks and is a regular contributor to different radio programs. He has also been member of the editorial board of national journals specializing in economics such as El Economista.

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