Webinar “The EU Green Deal in need of Fluoropolymers”

With the aim of making Europe the first climate-neutral continent, the European Green Deal outlines the transformation of our modern society, profoundly reshaping its cross-sectoral foundations in a more sustainable way. The European ‘Green Deal’ is the EU’s response to the challenges posed by climate change: it identifies targets and objectives and foresees a myriad of sectorial policy initiatives to achieve its main.

Fluoropolymers are at the forefront of achieving the targets of the green deal. Many sectors driving the decarbonisation path, including telecommunications, semiconductors, construction & insulation, medical, manufacturing and defense, food supply, energy, and mobility are dependent on these products.

Join us live to discuss how:

  • Fluoropolymers enable and provide the longevity to various sorts of applications, leading to less waste, thus less impact on the climate and environment.
  • Fluoropolymers are used and drive the production of green hydrogen and green mobility
  • Fluoropolymers provide the endurance needed for medical devices, thus not just saving lives but also reducing medical waste
  • Fluoropolymers are a substance of necessity, ensuring safety, durability, efficiency, reliability, and overall performance of the application
  • The Green Deal and regulatory measures such as the currently being prepared PFAS restriction impose risks of destabilizing the EU decarbonization commitments among others.

This is event is organised by the EU Focus Group and is open to interested parties, free of charge. Participants will be able to provide questions to the panelist. The event may be recorded.

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23 JANUARY 2023   I   14:00 – 15:30 CET


Opening Speech by: Ms. Anja Weisgerber (Member of the German Parliament, spokesperson of the CSU on environmental matters and former member of the European Parliament) on the importance of the chemical industry for achieving national and international green deal objectives.

Consideration & Moderation by Mr. Pascal Michaux, Managing Partner at EU Focus Group

Foreseen Panelist:

  • Ms. Amber Wellmann, Chemours: how fluoropolymers advance the EU green deal and economy
  • Mr. Razvan Nicolescu, Member of the Board of the European Institute for Innovation & Technology, former Energy Minister of Romania: Hydrogen & Fluoropolymers and the decarbonization of the EU economy
  • Mr. Michael Banghard, Karl Storz Company, Medical Devices and the lifesaving relevance of fluoropolymers
  • Mr. Vazil Hudak: Chairman of IPM Avanea & former Slovak Minister of Economy and Vice-President of the European Investment Bank
  • Other industry representatives from ACEA members, Recharge, etc. (tbc)


23 JANUARY 2023
14:00 – 15:30 CET