Bio Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Althani

Sheikh Mohamed Ahmed Althani

Is a former Minister of Economy and Trade in the State of Qatar. Previously he spent eighteen years working in the oil and gas industry, mainly with Qatar Petroleum. He is one of the main founders of QatarGas and RasGas who led their marketing and development efforts from the beginning in mid 1908s starting with Japan first and then Korea, Spain, Italy, India and Taiwan. His main activities now are LNG consulting, Oil & Gas trading, production of petrochemicals. He is active researcher of the geopolitical and political economy of the Gulf States. He holds a BAA in Industrial Management and Supervision from Central Michigan University, a Global MBA from Duke University, and a Senior Executive management programme from London Business School. Sheikh Mohamed has authored two books; The Arab Spring and the Gulf States “Time to Embrace Change” and Jassim, the Leader Founder of Qatar.