28 APRIL 2022 | On-line | 10.00 – 13.15 CET

EU Focus Group Managing Partner Pascal Michaux spoke at Die Fresenius Akademie on Pesticides and sustainability.

This training has provided up-to-date knowledge on the sustainability requirements within the framework of Regulation 1107/2009, the impact assessment of the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS), and the different provisions of Regulation 1107/2009 that may be affected.

Morning Session 10.00 – 13.15:

  • Strategies within the European Green Deal having an impact on the Crop Protection Sector
  • Has the assessment of pesticide dossiers under Regulation EC No 1107/2009 become an unpredictable exercise for the applicant ?
  • How the new Sustainable Use of Pesticides will drive a paradigm shift within the industry & to what extent the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability will impact the market access of pesticides ?
  • How could the Sustainable Use Review and Farm to Fork drive different data requirements for biocontrol vs conventional solutions ?

The Experts:

  • Nathalie Konings, law firm Fieldfisher Brussels, Belgium
  • Claudio Mereu, law firm Fieldfisher Brussels, Belgium
  • Pascal Michaux, EU Focus Group, Belgium
  • Eric Neumans, Eric Neumans Consulting, Belgium