EU Focus Group, as Secretary General of Safer Phosphates, welcomed the publication of the White Paper, a scientific report on cadmium contamination in Europe.

On 10 November 2021, the OPERA Research Centre published a scientific paper, the White Book, assessing the impacts of cadmium on ecosystem services, agri-food and health in Europe.

The paper, which was peer-reviewed by the scientific community, aims to provide a comprehensive examination of cadmium, from its toxic and carcinogenic nature to its dangerous ability, through fertilizer use, to contaminate our soils, and ultimately, the food chain.

The White Book also discusses how European fertilizer policy could better address and reflect the cadmium issue, highlighting legislative gaps and the urgent call for action.

This publication was followed by two webinars backed by EU Focus Group and jointly organized by Safer Phosphates and the OPERA Research Centre: “Healthy soils for sustainable agriculture” and “Cadmium in fertilizers: What impact on food and health in France? A future ambitious governmental decree to be in line with the recommendations of ANSES? “.

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